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My name is Kent,

I am the Founder of Your Pain Away Now, a division of Rayford Concepts LLC – inspired and driven by the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

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I am also a  senior citizen who has learned to live with aches and pains. With a “no pain, no gain” philosophy, I’ve maintained physical fitness as a lifestyle through 40+ years of experience.

I Made Fitness an essential part of my lifestyle

Stress from personal challenges and those related to my career in Corporate Global Supply Chain, entrepreneurship, writing, have and still continue to be a threat to my well being. As a senior citizen it is paramount to continue challenging the threat as it increases with age. And it applies to not just me, but all of us.

For me it was since I was in my late twenties,  I chose make physical fitness and health a key part of my lifestyle. Running and calisthenics first, then tennis. Finally I got really serious and evolved in seriously training Boxing, Kendo, Wing Chun, and currently, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as a purple belt. While these activities in my lifestyle greatly helped with stress and my overall youthful healthy condition, there was a lot of pain along the way.

I learned to understand my body when it told me that I needed medical attention- because it is so important to note-serious injuries should always be treated by a professional. 

But during my journey when there were and are those inevitable aches and pains that are inherent to the payment you pay for the benefits received from your commitment to stay in shape, you will need relief.

My research and reviews over the years, and now through Your Pain Away Now, I believe can lead to many effective pain relief solutions for issues that don’t require medical attention –

Join me on my continuing journey to stay healthy and pain-free!

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I Want to continue helping people

I have passion for helping others. There is something that feels righteous about giving back.

That philosophy of helping others is the foundation for Your Pain Away Now, me personally and everything that I do. My experience professionally, personally and results give me something to offer.

Through my caregiving and mentorship efforts, especially with senior, disadvantaged at risk individuals and sports enthusiasts. The need for pain relief is a common denominator among those groups,

I’ve learned to deal with physical discomfort and sought out pain relief options through personal research. Now I have found a platform that will allow me to reach a greater number of those who can benefit from my effort. A magnificent platform to do so at Wealthy Affiliates, where I can connect with a larger like-minded community and spread my message.

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My goal is to personally review and recommend minor pain relief solutions to those in the community.  I will give insight from a personal perspective being an senior citizen who actually trains for fitness as a lifestyle. That means for life.

I am hoping that the positive  results I have experienced will be shared and experienced among all in the greater community.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Kent Rayford


email to: kent@yourpainawaynow.com

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